The video that shows the stress level of the teachers in the classrooms

Many times parents envy teachers for the working conditions they have: their day ends around 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm (supposedly), they have three months of summer vacations plus single days throughout the course, a good salary …

An almost perfect job, is not it? We tell you the story of a British teacher to show you the stress level of the teachers in the classrooms. After watching the video and listening to this testimony, you may change your opinion about the teachers.

The terrible consequences of the stress level of teachers in the classroom

“I wanted to crash my car against a tree so I would not go back to the classroom.” Thus begins the testimony of this British teacher He has not wanted to reveal his identity, but he has wanted to record the day to day life of many teachers today. “You have to raise awareness in society about the stress level of teachers in the classroom,” he says.

For this woman who lives in Hampshire County, be teacher It is a set of many jobs: social worker, actor, diplomat, conciliator, data processor … All in one!

Behind his back, more than 20 years teaching and, in this time, many fronts to turn off. “To correct exams , meet objectives, prepare classes … “, he says, some functions that started to cause sleepless nights for several decades, always thinking what would happen the next day …

The meetings of the faculty, the classes that had to be given, the parents’ complaints … This was the day of this teacher. “My head could not stop thinking for a moment and I felt I was always late with everything,” he confesses.

All this pressure made a dent in this woman. its Self-confidence plummeted to such an extent that he was unable to speak in public and, what is worse, to be with more people, to relate. “I had panic attacks and breathing problems! I had a severe mental crisis that led me to be six months off.”

Since all this exploded, this British teacher has been taking antidepressants and still today has not come out of this situation. “There was a day when I just wanted to put the car against a wall, I felt sunk, I did not know what to do, I could not tell anyone, I could not share it with anyone, I was ashamed.”

Many teachers find themselves in the same situation as this British woman. According to the charity of the Educational Support Association (London), more than two thirds of teachers of the United Kingdom say that their work has negatively affected their mental health.

And it is not something that happens only in the tea country, it also occurs in schools around the world. Each time the teachers have more workload. Many of them work 12 hours a day, and that has a very high cost and a great impact on their physical and mental health.

Many teachers argue that there is a very wrong conception of what it’s your job and, for that reason, testimonies like this one make that parents, students and the whole society in general have to think about it.

Depression, anxiety or insomnia are some of the most common diseases among teachers, a consequence of level of stress that they have to endure in the classrooms. It is everyone’s job to take care of the teachers, because they are part of the education of our children s.

Strategies to overcome stress and anxiety in the classroom

The shortage of material and human resources, the little motivation of the students or the minimal collaboration of parents are some of the reasons that make Many teachers suffer from stress and anxiety. What measures to take to reduce this sensation?

– Improve communication between parents and teachers
The child education It depends on the parents, but the teachers play a very important role, and that is not to forget that our children spend many hours in schools. Maintaining a good relationship and good harmony between both parties will benefit everyone.

– Encourage the relationship between teachers
Many times the frantic pace of everyday life leads many teachers to almost not exchange views or points of view with their peers. Talk to others profession colleagues It can help you find a quicker and easier solution to a problem.

– Introduce new methodologies
Repeat, repeat and repeat. The routine can become one of the great enemies of teachers. For this, nothing like trying to introduce in the classroom new and innovative methodologies that motivate both students and the teacher. Do you know the technique of green ball pen ?

– Encourage continuous training
The profession of teacher does not end when one finishes the race and has the place. It is necessary and important that the person continues to be trained to be updated at all times and, perhaps, to discover new ways of teaching a subject

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