A destabilizing shove to the May government

As was inevitable, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd resigned from the British government. From what emerged from a correspondence with Theresa May made public on Sunday evening, the gesture was voluntary, not required, neither solicited or “accompanied” by the Prime Minister. The Rudd justified his act by the fact that a sin by omission is as valid as a reprehensible act and has drawn the consequences. He swore that he never intended to lie to Parliament, but noted that he had not given him the right information. His sin was that of not being informed about the existence of anti-immigration policies that set specific quotas at the level of departments of the ministry and wrongly denied their existence in the House of Commons. A story that would have been of lesser weight had it not emerged in recent days the scandal of thousands of Caribbean immigrants established for decades in the country and at risk of repatriation after their landing documents in the fifties and sixties had been destroyed by the ministry in 2010 Making them vulnerable to a subsequent law of 2012 that cracked down on illegal immigration into the country, stripping citizenship rights on a legion of unaware immigrants being hit by the arrival of more restrictive quotas.

The story is highly embarrassing. Many have seen in the “sacrifice” of Rudd, the faithful of the May, an extreme attempt to protect the backbone of a strongly shaky government at a time of crucial decisions for Brexit. Yesterday, in fact, there was no lack of direct criticism of the Prime Minister who, having preceded the Rudd to the Interior from 2010 to 2016, was one of the leading architects of anti-immigration policies and in turn had to be aware of the facts. Both the May and the Rudd have not apologized for the crackdown on illegal immigration, which have declared to be willing to fight, but the way in which the cuts took place, involving many unfortunate citizens of the Commonwealth.

Rudd, an efficient and decision-maker according to his rival colleagues, (he coped vigorously with recent acts of terrorism, in addition to mounting online crimes) was a heavyweight on the front of the remain . And this could create future problems for the group of Europhiles in the Government. During the referendum campaign, the Rudd distinguished herself for the oratory qualities and duels with Boris Johnson, Paladin of the leaver . His replacement with Said Javid, a young and ambitious Pakistani man but rather lukewarm on the Brexit theme, is seen by some as a factor of imbalance of the Government in favor of the line of the Eurofobes. And this at a time when the latest papers are being played on the possibility that the United Kingdom will remain in some form within the EU customs union. A hypothesis promoted by leavers but strongly opposed by brexiter. They demand a clean cut with the EU, and personalities like David Davis, a minister in charge of Brexit, or Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have made it clear that they are ready to resign if the hypothesis were adopted by May. If this happened, after the recent shoulder of the departure of the Rudd, would send the Government definitely convulsed with a high risk of collapse.

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