Parenting and Child Development

Parenting and child development processes should encourage children to think unconventionally because they can find other alternatives. Children need first of all trust and security. We need to give them the conviction that they live in a solid and stable world.
If we give them the conviction that they live in a solid and stable world, it is much easier for them not to fear for their place and to adopt an attitude consistent with this world. First of all, they must feel good in their own skin, feel accepted, remember that life means both victories and defeats and show them that they can do more than imagination and that we believe in them. Thus there is no best parenting style when forming a man who will cope with the world and who will be able to solve all the problems of adult life. The little ones feel that everything is possible without logic.

For them, cats can fly, witches can land on the broom at any time, the moon smiles or anyone can turn into a superhero. As we get older, magic is lost, and the harder the world is, the more imaginative it is. It is important, however, to maintain their creative spirit, and the magic to last as long as possible. In fact, childhood means more freedom from the constraints of reality and the responsibilities of adult life.
Examples of things that help children keep magic as much as possible: pre-bedtime stories, surprises, imagination games, walking to the theater, old places: ruins, castles, picnics, explorations, and little adventures.
It is important for the little ones to know when they are wrong. Explain to them that there is no problem that they are wrong, but it is good to distinguish good from evil in any situation, that is, to be able to make morally correct choices.

Parenting and child development has the role to teach the child, from very young age, what behaviors and correct choices are, so that when he grows he knows how to act. So, instill the correct values for children, teach them to take responsibility and be a good example.
Children will be well prepared for life if they can think for themselves. The ability to make the necessary judgments to make decisions and develop personal arguments are essential skills in the formation of children. Even if school and life help them grow in that direction, parents can really make the difference by encouraging them to think for themselves and, moreover, to do it with pleasure.
One of the best ways to encourage your child to think is to make him/her read. As they grow, the books will give them more ideas than any other experience except the conversation, so it is an essential stage on the way to a personal way of thinking and for personality development.
Another way to develop your thinking is not to answer all your questions, but rather to give clues to find some answers yourself. The child must cultivate his / her ability to think practically, to know how to apply the acquired knowledge.
And, very importantly, give them the opportunity to express their own opinions. Choose topics that interest them and see what they think – ask them, for example: Do you think a dog needs to stay in the cage or in the house? Do you think the animals must be kept in the zoo? If you could decide, how many school days do you set for a week?
The child should be helped to develop the maximum potential. For this, he needs to be left to be himself and to learn to cope well with the challenges. As a parent, you need to understand both the way the child sees the world and the needs, anxieties and weaknesses.
Among the most common problems are anxiety, self-confidence, stubbornness, shyness, lack of concentration, the attitude of superiority, pessimism, impotence, selfishness, humor, etc. Once the problems have been identified, talk to the child and help him overcome difficult situations, do not compare him with others, tell him that anything is possible, even if it involves more effort at times, and if necessary, give him an incentive to change from negative behaviors.
The way you motivate your child depends on his perspective on life, so it is good to understand what really matters – some can be motivated with money, others with praise, some with the promise of a better status, others with the responsibility, challenges, or the addition of freedom. It is important to praise its achievements and understand that the goal is not to change it but to help it. For example, he will remain a difficult person for all his life, but who knows how to be silent when it happens, will remain a shy person, but who manages to make friends, an anxious person, but who spends his time with pleasant activities , a faint person, but fulfilling all his tasks within the established deadlines.

In conclusion, it is a real privilege to participate in the development of children, but it is their way, and only they can choose the right destination. That’s why a parenting advice would be to try to turn the child into the most organized person in the world, in the heart of a party, the most successful doctor or the swimmer. Parenting is hard but your goal must be to help your child be happy, and all the others will come by themselves.

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