Embrace Health and Well Being for a Fulfilling Life

A person’s state of well being depends on many factors, including diet, activities, the environment in which he lives and the experiences he has. The diversity of conduct that makes up a person’s lifestyle extends to the physical, mental and social well being.
The state of well being is a concept that embraces so many aspects of life, aspects that are entirely determined by the way we think and behave, the way we choose to live, the habits we have formed and who brought us to the point where we are today, and last but not least, our degree of information and the level of personal development.
Happiness is the dream and purpose of any human being. Happiness is the cause of a fulfilled life and the result of a proper mentality. It is proven that happy people have tighter relationships, more friends, earn more money and have a successful career. Happiness is the natural state and the lost paradise of the adult.
We all want to be healthy, to look good, to be in shape, to be energetic and motivated, to relax in our spare time, to do the activities that we are passionate about, to have happy relationships and to make the most of our potential.
Many times, our lifestyle, instead of supporting us to fulfill our dreams and desires, acts as a brake that greatly hampers our evolution.
As you know, man’s most important asset is health, for in its absence we can not do anything, and everything else loses its meaning. So often we hear sounds such as “healthy thinking,” “healthy lifestyle,” “healthy eating,” “healthy relationships,” but what does this health mean?
The definition of health extends beyond non-illness, meaning a complete physical, mental and social well being, and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.

This physical, psychological, emotional and social well being greatly influences the quality of life because it is reflected in all areas and allows a man to live and work efficiently and to make a significant contribution to society. The state of well being reflects how one thinks and feels about his life and his ability to function effectively.
A person with a high level of well-being is happy and happy with the work he is doing, is spiritually fulfilled, enjoys free time and relaxes, is physically fit, socially involved, and has a positive emotional and emotional state.
This person is happy and fulfilled. It also meets the challenges of everyday life in a constructive, positive and optimistic way. He is an informed person who knows how to improve the quality of his daily life. It has positive interactions with others and significant relationships. He knows his values and sets his goals in line with them.
In addition, the way we think of ourselves, of others and of world and life influences our health and state of well being. Be aware that our lives are determined by our thoughts. A negative thought will attract other negative thoughts and all possible scenarios will be black because “the writer is in mourning.” Replace these thoughts with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope. Any negative emotion can be replaced by a positive one by practicing gratitude.
The opposite of well being is when we worry because we lose the power of concentration and decision. In order to free ourselves from care, we can analyze as objectively as possible the situation we are in or the problem that worries us. It is necessary to establish and analyze the facts as the main cause of concern is confusion. It is often difficult for us to objectively analyze the situation in which we are because it pretends that we do not let our emotions be disturbed, let us distance them, and this is difficult when we are worried.
It’s hard to be worried while you’re busy with something that demands concentration and thought. If you do something you like, you do not have time to worry. Remove yourself from the worries of your own mind seeking to be always busy. Sustained activity is one of the best therapies to heal worry.
Another important aspect of your well-being is rest and sleep. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and sleep. What happens during sleep and why is it so important?
Sleep fulfills two major functions in the life of man: a biological one, consisting in the relaxation of the body, and another psychological, resulting in extinguishing the interest for the external world. Sleep deprivation periods act as overloading and deplete the functional reserves of the body. They also associate with psycho-behavioral changes of man, with the appearance of confusion, disorientation, irritability.
Fundamentals of our health are also the way we feed, our physical activities. Nutrition and sport play an extremely important role in each of us.

No aspect of life works in isolation

The well being of society includes the body, mind, spirit, family, community, country, work, education and beliefs because they are all interrelated. The way these aspects interact contribute to the enrichment of a person’s life, which helps to determine the uniqueness of the person and his / her health.


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