Is Social Media Linked to Depression?

What is the correlation between depression and social media? The more platforms are used, the higher the risk of committing more socially sanctioned mistakes, which can cause the user to experience delicate situations repeatedly. But how do unfortunate social platforms cause social media depression? A new social media depression study published in the journal Depression […]

Early Childhood Education

Seeding Confidence, Motivation and a Positive Attitude in Each Individual What teaches children in the early years represents more than half than what they will learn during the rest of their lives. Given this information, a proper knowledge of child development becomes more valuable than ever. Early childhood education is the total of existing and […]

Investment in Education – A must or a fuss?

The most consistent factor in Britain’s relative weakness seems to be the low levels of investment in education. Skills supply, utilization, and progression are the main challenges in vocational education and training in the UK. Investment in education means growing, feeding and cultivating important values in each individual, developing him as an active element of […]

Discrimination in Schools – A Big Issue Nowadays!

How to challenge discrimination in schools? Educating adults (teachers) and children in the spirit of tolerance and non-discrimination is a priority if we want a change of mentality. Discrimination also has social consequences with a negative effect on the development of society in general. Any person may face, during their lifetime, situations of discrimination. Discrimination […]

Behavioral Child Development and Why is it So Important?

The safe assembly between child and parents is essential for child development. The child is very sensitive, he memorizes and learns from all the experiences he encounters, and he faces it all while developing at a very alert pace. The study of human development attempts to answer the question of why people change over time […]